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Part 10 : Be careful what you wish for…

Part 10 : Be careful what you wish for…

For wishes sometimes come true. A few days ago I wished that I could have ridden the Iroha Zaka alone, the road up and down. Well that is exactly how this day unexpectedly ended. In the pisspouring rain, thick fog and black of night the Multi and I rode up and down the Iroha Zaka all by ourselves. Battling the hairpins blindfolded but we made it. How did that happen? Well here it is :

On my way to Sugo I met Patrick and he said he knew a cool gravel road but I wasn’t able to ride it because Mark had especially come to ride along, but since I’m on my own again down to Motegi I have no other option than to go and explore it. Once I found the road thick fog arose and made me reduce my speed a lot. There had to be some amazing views up that road or could be not, I have no clue but do know how clouds look and taste like now. It was almost dark when I got down the mountain road and I knew a campsite around Lake Chuzenghi. I could get a shower and a swim there and relax in the evening.

The weather Gods had different plans, as soon as I hit the asphalt they already turned on the shower for me. (Maybe they smelled me to way up there in the clouds?!?) so I did the Iroha Zaka up at like the slowest rate ever! Lol! My helmet is currently soaked on the inside too so the visor fogs up immediately when it’s humid. That in combination with fog outside, rain and dark it was an interesting ride. Upon arrival at the Lake everything was closed and chained up. So I cracked, I didn’t feel like putting up the tent in this weather because by the time I would have set it up it would have been soaked. The ground cloth isn’t water proof anymore either I’ve come to notice in the mornings so I decide to find a hotel. All the hotels I entered as a drowned rat I got denied access ‘no biker’ or were full. Guess there was no option than going down again and go to the next village. So down the Iroha Zaka in the same conditions but I find a way of Zen in it and try to enjoy the moment. I remember I asked for this some days ago, I should be happy I got what I wanted!

Some 35km further I end up in a hotel and don’t even bother a shower, it can wait till the morning, I hop into the bed and dream of a dry Iroha Zaka….



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