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Part 8 : Bucket list

Part 8 : Bucket list

It was a big surprise for me to read that I had gotten the Japanese leg of the Globetrotter 90 project after the Bootcamp in Italy. I was stunned and my first reaction was ‘Japan?! I know nothing about Japan!’ So I devoted my time to find many interesting places and roads to ride, many of which I had no chance to do because of the lost time, but still it amazed me at the time that no one had ever told me about the diversity Japan offers. Beaches, volcanos, mountains, lush green forests and rivers, they all get their part on one of the islands. So I started a bucket list and today I visited one of those items, the Bandai Azuma Skyroad.

This mountain road was constructioned in the 1950’s and was to offer the people the chance to visit the mountain range of Azuma. You can visit the crater of a volcano and even do the walk all around the top, it was pretty exhausting! At the other side of the visitors center there is an active volcano, visible smoke and yellow sulphur rises up out of the mountain. This road can easily be placed in the top ten of mountain roads I’ve done in my life, I was a bit unfortunate because of the rain and the clouds ruining most of the view, so I hope if you get here in your life you’ll have the sunniest day ever! The black asphalt snake squirms around in the valley surrounded by the Azuma mountain range to end up in a series of twenty hairpins down into the town Fukushima.

I took a lot of time enjoying this part so it’s already pretty late, tomorrow I’m going to the racetrack of Sugo so I want to get as close to there as possible. Up to Sendai it is. If I’m up early enough there will be another item on the bucket list scratched tomorrow : fox village.

Thanks for all the kind messages and encouragements, you all rock and thanks for following!!


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