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Part 14 : Dances with rain

Part 14 : Dances with rain

This is an amazing journey. I’m in the USA right now, my stop after Japan. Getting another three more days to explore the drought of California and his amazing Coast Highway number one. Ducati North America is servicing the Globetrotter Multistrada Enduro, so I’m getting the CEO’s aka Jason’s bike to ride with. It only takes me three or four miles to get used to it again and I remember why I love traveling with big bikes after being on the Hyperstrada for 500km. I love crawling after the fuel tank and steer, feeling secure and comfortable. Oh and what did you think? After a year of drought, I brought the rain with me. Maybe I’m cursed, maybe I’m blessed, I just know for sure that I like crawling away after the big fuel tank…

I’m taking the CA1, highway number one on the coast and California gives me a treat for my airplane adventures. This coastline is astonishing! It features everything, white beaches, pebble beaches, big bridges, cliffs and lighthouses. The air is filled with the aroma of summer leaves and flowers combined with the smell of hot asphalt that has its first rain after months. I love that smell, it reminds me of good riding days and hurrying home to beat the thunderstorms.

It’s evening before I know it and the dryness of California enchants me, it’s so different compared to the lush green forests of Japan. Where I spend two weeks in dark green and brown colors with heavy fragrances of incense, wood stoves and wet earth I’m now in colors of yellow and blue combined with the smell of summer, seashells and most surprisingly steak. These kind of travels mess with your mind because I’m continuously asking myself ‘what’s behind the corner?’ and ‘what would I do if I had more time?’ I even started thinking in English I noticed today, not speaking my language for weeks and the only contact trough social media and now recently with the people of North America has given me a mind shift of value.

I watched various movies on the plane to here and I’m a person that kinda sticks to quotes, they make me think and act. This is the one that stuck in my mind since the flight to America and that I want to share with you : ‘If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than what you are now.’ As my days in the Globetrotter project are slowly coming to an end I wish to persuade you to get up, get your keys of the bike and go for a ride. I know I will tomorrow and when I get back home next week.

Oh and I visited something I wasn’t supposed to do, but I did it anyway. Follow Eduardo next week and you’ll find out about my little secret…

Another ps: I’m having difficulties uploading pics so there are more to find on Facebook and Instagram


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