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Part 11 : Don’t say goodbye

Part 11 : Don’t say goodbye

The alarm clock wakes me up, I’ve slept so good in these warm and dry blankets and there are only a few things a good nights rest can’t solve. My path leads me to Motegi today, my last obliged stop in this Globetrotter 90 adventure. It’s only 77 kms away but I make a small detour just for the sake of riding in this magnificent country.

Motegi is easy to find and the area is filled with flyers and posters of the upcoming Moto GP event in October. Hope they’ll have sunshine. There is a surprise waiting for me in the parking lot, Mark came back 450km by car to join for the Motegi visit! He has a special story about why I am here to visit the track. Mark was here the day that Casey Stoner became Moto GP Champion of 2007 at the Twin Ring Motegi and brought the official merchandising. It still is the solo Ducati MotoGP Championship to date.

Where in Sugo the people were very careful about where I could ride and at what pace following the pacecar first and all, was here in Motegi complete opposite. Waiting in the pits I had the chance to drop of the top luggage and -hey what did you expect?- it started raining. Then I got green lights, yes, just like that. Go, go, go! Onto a track all alone I haven’t ridden on before or even studied. Ah well, if life gives you opportunities, you grab them and there I was following the untold lines of the track, searching for the white curbs through the streams of water on my visor. Adrenaline rush when I get to the slopes and the long right downwards. I don’t realize it’s raining anymore, my whole world stops and there is only a roaring engine and a beating heart left. I stop the Multi beneath the Motegi start-stop and get the official checkered flag in my hands. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

And about dreaming, all good dreams come to an end. The moment I’ve been denying has arrived. The end of an era. The end of my time with the Globetrotter-bike in Japan. Three thousand seven hundred and eighty kilometers we traveled together in mere ten days. A thousand more than what Ducati expected me to ride. And as if Japan wants to make it up to me, it gives me sunshine on the highway to Tokyo.




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