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Part 6 : Jump for joy

Part 6 : Jump for joy

I’m waking up to the soundtracks of nature. Birds are singing their delight to be alive and the stream just nearby offers a smooth and relaxing wake-up. Today I’m meeting up with Mark, he’s a British Ducatista but has lived in Japan for years now and wanted to go with me for the ride. It’s only a 150km drive to Yuzawa to the convenience story, 7/11, where Mark will be waiting for me. He’s got a surprise activity for me! The ride up to the mountain town is just the way a morning ride should be like, twisty but all broad and wide turns. I’m currently riding in the geographic region of Japan that they call ‘the Japanese Alps’. The mountains here aren’t that big but they offer the most unbelievable views. I’m resembling it with Jurassic Park.

At a quarter past eleven I drive up to the parking of the seven eleven and there is a biker waving at me enthusiastically, it’s Mark and his 900 Monster. When I park the Multistrada Enduro next to him it’s almost practically hilarious how big this monstermachine is. After a small meet and greet we ride up to Minakami and there I get to see the surprise : bungee jumping!! Mark and Bungee Japan are offering me a leap into faith, something I won’t resist. The jump is 42m down and straight into a roaring river. I’m excited to say the least ? .
Whilst the crew are gearing me up they ask me where I’m from. When they hear Belgium they immediately start going on about the beer (and yeah our beer is that great) and I’m surprised they really know some brands, they like Chimey as a strong beer and Hoegaarden for the lighter stuff. During the preparations they seem to be curious I’m not in the least to say scared or nervous. I’m actually really looking forward to this and when the moment arrives I just jump. Next thing I know I’m hanging upside down and laughing my ass off. Again please!

After all the shenanigans I have to get a parcel with some more gear from Miyo and we stop to get some dinner. There is a concert going on in town and many people sleep in the hotel of Minakami. Tomorrow a ride to lake Chuzengi and Nikko, and going to a campsite at mount Bandai, a volcano!

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