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Part 2 : More water, please.

Part 2 : More water, please.

Today was going to be all about getting to know the bike, how it handles and it feels with luggage and fully fueled. At the Bootcamp in June the bikes were only half full, so I knew the bike was going to be different at first with the weight of the luggage and the fuel. To be honest, yesterday I just jumped on the bike and rode off to Mount Fuji without really thinking ahead, and it worked. Maybe I should do that more often, less thinking, more riding. Anyhow with the low seat the Multistrada Enduro isn’t really that high, I flatfoot on one side and have a foot on the peg the other side! Sure he’s a little top-heavy when you think about it but when you’re off and riding, I feel as if nothing can stop this beast.

The morning started out grey and misty with a lot of clouds, I knew there wasn’t going to be a Fuji sighting for me with this weather so I didn’t bother anymore with doing the extra kms to the sightseeing spots I looked up. I will have another chance in two weeks, maybe then Fuji-San will reveal himself.

I had a route to get to the shore through Minobu but faced roadworks and had to go back the whole end which would have cost me some time and effort but I got to a track through the hills that was going to save me at least an hour. Only thing it was off-road. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate, but I’m alone and I told myself I wasn’t going to ride off-road in the first days, get to know the bike and the feeling of the luggage. The call was to great, I remember the Multi did an amazing job during the Bootcamp off-road tour so he was going to manage this too without a doubt. I’m so happy I didn’t go back! Off-road is always slower even if it is a short cut, but the rewards are always worth it. The typical Japanese rivers with the big mossy rocks inside, two giant deers just hopping along my front wheel to disappear into the forest and best of all, it was just a regular road on the gps. This is promising for the next week!

I have to give credits to my boots, they kept my feet dry in the kind of weather that even my helmet and face got soaked. Rain from above coming down so hard and fully that it just flung up from the tank back into my helmet! Never experienced something like this before, normally it rains for half an hour, or an hour or maybe two hours but today it was the other way around, it was dry for maybe an hour. And still dry feet, I take my hat off!

Before I reached Irago I wanted to fuel up so I’ll be able to drive all morning without a stop. I never gave this a thought but when I pulled up to that gas station my face turned white. I had no idea which gas pump I had to use, yellow, green or blue? No English translation, lol. Luckily most Japanese gas stations have staff to help you and this one guy was extremely helpful and spoke some English. When he asked which gas I wanted I just said I dunno, what do you recommend today? He laughed and said that he had a Ducati Monster too. Actually he said a lot of things and I understood his gestures and Ducati Monster. I pointed to the Globetrotter90 trip that is depicted on the sides of the Multistrada Enduro and tried to explain the project. He could not stop smiling and went to get his phone to take a picture of the hashtag to follow along. When he came back I had pulled out a tshirt of the Ducati club of Belgium for him, he was so happy. It really made my day.

Now I’m at Irago going to take the first ferry in the morning to the Kinki Island. (What’s in a name huh?) Going to ride to the Wedded rocks, the shore and then to Koya-San up to the west coast and take another ferry to Shikoku.



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