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Extra 1 : Riding on Motegi 2016

Extra 1 : Riding on Motegi 2016

Motegi – Japan

The track experience at Motegi was intense.

I probably set the slowest lap in the entire history of it but it felt sooo good. In contradiction to Sugo where the staff was watching every move of my wheels stressing the fact that they had set a speed limit for me and that I had to follow the pace car for a lap to show me the lines, were the rules in Motegi completely the opposite.

I ditched the top luggage while I was waiting for the pace car and -hey what did you expect?- it started raining. After some minutes they called me into the pits to approach the start line. I remember thinking where the hell is that pace car, the friendly staff was standing there in the pouring rain just for me, I felt sorry for the guy. Then suddenly he pointed at me and I got flashing green lights, yes, just like that.

Go, go, go! The only limit is the one you set yourself, right?
Onto a legendary Moto GP track all alone, in the rain with two heavy panniers, onto a track I haven’t ridden before or even took a moment to study the lines of. Ah well, if life gives you a small gap to have some fun, make sure you squeeze yourself through it and there I went following the hidden lines of the track seeing them revealing themselves to me after each curve, searching for the white curbs through the streams of water on my visor. Adrenaline rushing through my veins when I got to the slopes and the long right downwards.

I didn’t realize anymore at that point that it was raining, my whole world stopped and there was only a roaring engine and a beating heart left. When I stopped the Multi beneath the Motegi start-stop line for a picture, the friendly worker ran up to me and handed me the official checkered flag.
The stuff dreams are made of.


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