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Final Part : Sunset

Final Part : Sunset

As an icing on the cake, my part of the Globetrotter90 tour ended in two full days of enjoyment and riding with new and old friends. Today I’ve been riding in the shadows of the giant red wood trees, saw Kris struggling with a deer that desperately tried to knock over his KTM Superenduro, James laughing his ass off with my excitement when I saw a wild squirrel, all moments that I’ll never forget with new made friends. The mere 500 miles I did with the Multistrada Enduro here have made me so curious about this country. Riding grounds of today, Big Basin, Pescadero and sunset at Pigeon Lighthouse.

This is also a bit of a farewell blog for me, tomorrow I am handing over the Torch to Eduardo at the Golden Gate making him the official Stormrider of the Globetrotter 90 project. You can follow the blog here and at MotoAtacama!

I wish to thank everyone that helped me getting to the bootcamp, supporting online and helping me out in whatever way possible, your names are many and you all know who you are. Some special thanks to Gugli, Vero, Marta, Woody, Mark, Miyo, Sachiko, Patrick, Jeffrey and his fiancé, Jude, Sam, Kris, James and most of all Bart to let me go out on my own!
A big thank you to Ducati, Ducati Japan and Ducati North America for their trust!

I hope you all had a great blast following and reading along, till our paths cross again!


Ps I’ve still got tons of pics to post, so if you’re interested in them, Facebook and Instagram will be promising


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