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Part 13 : The mystic Fuji-San

Part 13 : The mystic Fuji-San

Ever since I knew I was going to Japan Mount Fuji lingered in the back of my head. If someone thinks about Japan this is most likely the image that will pop up. Last week Mount Fuji hid himself in thick clouds and fog but I thought I’d have another chance upon returning to Tokyo. With all the commotion regarding the typhoon I didn’t have a second chance. Till Miyo yesterday handed me with the keys of the Hyperstrada. I didn’t think about it twice and loaded only my sleeping mat, sleepingbag, tent, toothbrush and a clean set of underwear in the panniers and drove off to the lakes around Fuji!

The closer I get to the area the more I became determined that I was not going to leave Japan without a sight of this mountain that had been prancing around in my mind for months now. If I had to I’d driven that Hyperstrada right to the peak! It’s Friday now and tomorrow in the afternoon I have to return the motorcycle and head of to the airport of Narita. My rough plan? Get a campsite asap and ride around the lakes to all the viewpoints I so carefully marked this summer. Leaving Tokyo this time was easy peasy, maybe I’m getting used to the traffic or maybe I’m just getting better at lanesplitting but I got to the lakes in a mere hour and found a campsite at Lake Saiko. Today is useless to do much effort to see Fuji-San because of the rain and fog, (By the way I’m growing gills.) so I do some of the tourist stuff around the lakes, visiting caves and having a good meal. It’s well after dark when I get back to the tent.

Waking up to the sound of a stream, so relaxing! Oh wait, I don’t remember I put the tent up near running water, that can only mean, yes rain. Check out the video at the Facebook page ?. It’s still early in the morning so I’m getting another nap and hope the stream will dry up lol.

No luck, some hours later it’s still wet. I pack everything and hit the road, some of the viewpoints are giving me 3 meters of sight and I only have one more option. I’ll just drive up to Fuji-San, pay the toll road and hope it’s clear up there. You can say a lot about Japan and one of those things is that they sure know how to build roads. Man, I’m having some of my best onroad riding days of my life here! Even the asphalt worm up Fuji is to die for! In combination with a supermotard driving style on the Hyperstrada I’m feeling more like a crook than a traveller. The road is divided in three levels and I’m counting, level one still fog and rain, level two a bit clearer, one turn visible one turn fog, level three, is that the sun?!? No way! This is happening!! The road up to Fuji-San lies above the clouds! When I check out the skyline it’s only white fluff as far as the eye can see. No wonder I couldn’t spot him from below. I’m so happy that I actually start spurring the Hyperstrada like a horse and begin to ascent to the peak.

And there was my reward. A Mount Fuji pastry with Mount Fuji in sight. I enjoy every second of it until my phone starts ringing stating it is time to go back to Tokyo. Taking the long route home, I hit up the coast and then go back up on a small piece of highway. I don’t mind I’m back in the rain and I even enjoy the traffic in Tokyo and get carried away with the Hyper, playing a little Tokyo drift with all the other twowheelers in the lanes.

Miyo is waiting for me at Ducati Japan and together we stuff all my belonging in the luggage I brought. My trip to Narita airport with the train is soothing and wiggles me to sleep. I rented a pod for the night at the airport. I’ve been wanting to try these things ever since I’ve heard this existed, another thing off the bucket list.

Next stop : San Fransicso!



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