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Planes and thunderclouds – Entry 2

Planes and thunderclouds – Entry 2

We’re sheltering in Croatia at the moment, it’s around 21.00 and the thunderstorms have finally caught up with us after a long day of riding in the Slovenian gravel roads. Jeku is checking out the map where we’ll ride in the morning after visiting the old air base, Louis is happy with the WiFi-connection of the basic campsite that we found just before it started to rain and I’m just enjoying my beer seeing the thunder flashing, happy that I’m underneath a shelter, nice and dry, thinking about the day.

This morning Robin Hood crawled upon the massive rock next to where we pitched the tent to announce all the news to the valley. The sun was shining, giving us the opportunity to dry the tents before tackling the road again. Our goal today was just to enjoy the many white gravel roads and get used to the feeling of the fully loaded bikes in easy offroad. We want to arrive somewhere near the Bosnian border this evening because we want to visit Zeljava again the next morning.

I don’t know how he does it but in my perspective, it seems that speed signs and cops are invisible to Jeku but when there is a plane somewhere to be found around us, he’ll find it. Just like this restored DC-3 in Otok, Croatia that he saw from miles away. Obviously, we needed to go and check it out because tomorrow we’re seeing the Lisunov again in Zeljava. Rarely that I see Jeku so excited about anything else than motorcycles but planes really make his imagination go wild. I’m quite sure somewhere in our future there will be something with wings.


On the road to the Bosnian border Jeku spots the beginning of a museum dedicated to the Yugoslavian war, or so I think, because it was just a house in the racks and an amazing amount of tanks and war equipment around it. The guys check out all the rusty stuff while I’m scanning the sky and notice another thunderstorm approaching us fast. Whilst the horizon behind us turns into a fascinating reddish black because the light of the sunset mixes with the oncoming storm, we’re hurrying back to the bikes to find some shelter for the night.


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