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Montenegro – Entry 4

Montenegro – Entry 4

We were lucky enough to find an amazing shelter last night and got some well-deserved sleep. Louis and I got startled by the minarets in the middle of the night followed by a cruel wake up of what sounded a big catlike creature that was checking out the shelter if we left some food out. I’m bummed I didn’t get a photograph of it because I would have loved to know what animal it was. Anyway Jeku didn’t notice a thing of this all because his hammock was just too cozy and slept through it all. I enjoy my raspberry breakfast that a kind lady gifted me yesterday whilst the guys are checking out the maps for our itinerary today, I got intrigued by a big snail crawling around the shelter and I figured it might want a raspberry too. It seemingly enjoyed it and I got big smiles out of sharing my breakfast with it.

Remember I told you about those strange little huts with the big fumes of white smoke coming out of them? On our way down the rocky mountain path we found some Bosnian workers that wanted to tell us more about it. We don’t speak Bosnian or any other Serbo-Croatian related language but as we’ve found out during our travels, it doesn’t matter what language you speak because being human is universal in our small world. The man that was willing to offer us a ‘tour’ through his workspace proudly announced to us that he was making ‘grill’. It didn’t take long for us to understand that this man and the people around him, who were covered in ashes from head to toe were making charcoal out of fresh wood. I have to admit, this was a bit of a shock to me and I felt like the typical western idiot. We buy charcoal all the time to go barbequing with our friend down at the lake, these people are giving up their health to make these little pieces charcoal as a living. Louis, Jeku and I have food for thoughts upon leaving their workspaces.


The onroad ride today leads us towards  Montenegro, a little country with an amazing amount of breathtaking views and people but first we have to get Louis over the border. It seems he didn’t pack his original green insurance card and the Bosnian border police is refusing to let him out of the country because of this. Louis has his valid green insurance card with him online but when the guy says no, it’s a no go. Some head scratches and a small free later, Louis suddenly is free to go to the Montenegrin border, turns out he’s not insured for this country either but Montenegro is prepared for this and has a guy sitting there, sipping a beer whilst waiting for travelers who need insurance. Needless to say that Louis is a little tense tonight but we get rewarded after riding for an hour towards Durmitor park. Montenegro is promising us some excellent views but first we need to find a place to sleep.

We’ve been eating out of cans for days now and I’m so hungry for a decent meal that I’m able to convince Jeku to stop at what seems to be a place made for bikers at the entrance of Durmitor park. (Read; the misses wanted food that she didn’t carry along all day.) The place seemed to be a kind of a B&B and my guys got a little bold. They asked the owner if we could sleep underneath his porch if we bought dinner here tonight. After a little frown the friendly chap said that this was ok. A little funny side note which we were unaware of at the moment, Eko Selo Durmitor had send me a friend request earlier that week and some days after that, we just arrived at his porch, asked for a dry sleep to crash that night and had a meal together. Ten points for social media, again. The fields around the site were filled with horses and as some men say, ‘What’s the deal with chicks and horses?’ well I don’t know, but I’m a sucker for them too. I spend quite an amount of time with these magnificent beasts in the fields before admitting it was time to go to bed. The sunset over the Montenegrin mountains was a sight to see and not to be photographed. I fell asleep with the biggest grin on my face tonight.



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