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Meet Heliodoro

Meet Heliodoro

Meet Heliodoro

 Jumping into existence!

Everyone, meet ‘Heliodoro’, meaning Gift of the Sun God. Hyperion’s gift to me, to let me dance with someone else during my recovery.

Had a blast getting to know this little guy! Heliodoro is a KTM 790 Adventure and is going to help Jess recover during the end of the year 2019 and the year 2020.

Follow this page for all the real life, no nonsense adventures this bike will experience during the next months. Roughly sheduled, Jess is getting to know the bike on offroad now and then we’ll set off to Africa for a month or three with it. It will be a reliability test for sure.

woodys wheel works

Heliodoro’s hoops shipped out to Belgium last month. @ridingwiththewolf went with our Dakar setup, a 21×1.60 front and 18×2.15 rear on her KTM 790ADV. We laced the A60 rims to our “Hyperion Yellow” Superlite Hubs with heavy duty spokes and nipples. This wheel set is our most aggressive off-road offering for the 790 and allows riders to pick through trails, increase traction and choose from a large selection of knobby tires.

Guglatech fuel filtration

Heliodoro features the newest products of Guglatech Fuel Filtration for the KTM 790 Adventure as well as the Air Filter. 

Featuring not only the fuel filter in the tanks, they also provide a filter for the fuel pump.

Malfunctions :

  • 375 km : brakelight sensor broken, filed under warranty, will be fixed during the next maintenance

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