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Altes Elefanten

Altes Elefanten


Looking for your next few days of camaraderie and fun?

Look no more because we’re setting the Altes Elefanten meetup in the spotlight for you. We’ve been attending this event since 2015 and have loved every single moment of it. The combination of the majestic location at the Nurburgring in Germany with heaps of snow, crazy motorbikers and their even wackier machines makes this an event for your bucketlist.



At our first Altes Elefanten we made friend for life with Calou and Winnie, who came all the way from Bordeaux, France with a map the size of an A5 featuring France, Belgium and Germany at one page! We met at a gas station when they asked if they could follow us toward the happening and from that point on it was red wine all the way. Including sidecar taxirides from the bar to our tents and epic hangovers in the snow.
Year after year, more friends came along for the ride and to experience the magic of the snow meeting. Two years ago we set off from Belgium with solo motorcycles and got stuck in the middle of a blizzard just over the border with Germany. Meter after meter we got closer to Nurburg but eventually we had to find shelter and about an hour after midnight we found ourselves a great shack to camp for the night. All of us together we made a comfortable nest in our sleepingbags and blanket till morning when we could continue. So it might be that the ride towards there can give you some unexpected events!



Each year we try to do something different in the way we sleep. To us, Jeku and Jess, it’s fun to explore limits and persuade others to do so. The first years we were novices, just putting up the tent and make ourselves as home and warm as we could. But it wasn’t that exciting anymore so we decided to make a camp on the third year together with Ewan, Kenzy and Jolan. After our night at the shack we arrived at the Altes Elefanten meeting and started constructing a shelter out of plastic veils. I loved waking up just next to my motorcycles and my buddies, it’s so pure even though it’s snowing and freezing outside. Some moments make you feel alive.

Sidecar fun

Which brings me to last year, that was sidecar edition! Jeku built two especially designed sleepingpods for our sidecarframes. Say what? Yes, wooden pods, just for one person. You just pop up the lid and there is your own personal little home. Wind- and waterproof, just the way we like it. Plus side? Underneath the sleepingcompartiment we had a storage room for all the booze and food. Nobody likes the sidecar until it shows up at the party with a keg right? Okay I have to admit that some people called them coffins but sure, everyone has a right to have their opinion. I don’t like cars either.

So what more can I say to persuade you to come over?

Well, if you’re afraid of the cold, don’t be. The Altes Elefanten is -in my humble opinion- the baby edition of all the bigger winter events. Temperatures are not extreme and the amount of snow and ice are really doable. Second, spending two nights at campfires surrounded by people who are crazy enough to get on their bike or sidecar in these conditions are bound to give you telltalestories back at home. You’ll definitely see some epic snow drifting motorcycles, people whom you’d otherwise never meet will become your friends, the variety of engine powered vehicles -self-made and bought- is mouth-watering and you can drink gluhwein from the moment you wake up and no one bats an eye about it.

You think that you’ve got what it takes, are able to ride along with solo and sidecars towards the event and want to meet up with our gang?


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