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Triple Clamp Moto Headstraight and HDPE Engine Covers

Triple Clamp Moto Headstraight and HDPE Engine Covers

Together with some other accessories for my KTM 790 Adventure I chose to mount the Headstraight and the HDPE Engine Covers from Triple Clamp Moto to make the bike more secure for my kinds of riding and traveling. Since I’m traveling mostly offroad with luggage and not just wander around the gravel allroad paths, the 790 often gets a beating. In addition to roaming across other countries I like to take the twin cylinder out for mud rides and doable single trails, hence I need the best protection for the bike I can get.


 As a first time ever I went with the HDPE Engine Covers to protect the engine from wearing out during the rides. Normally I don’t really give a shit about aesthetics and I like my bikes looking ruff and worn out. I want to sell Helio in a year, the first thing that drops the value is the mileage in combo with how well it was preserved.

I noticed some major wearing out already in the foot peg brackets I’m on the lookout for accessories to prevent more such things. So in an attempt to save my precious mullah I installed the covers.

Yet reason number two is because the Triple Clamp covers are made out of high density polyethylene making them robust for blunt impacts whenever I choose to drop Helio somewhere on a rocky trail. It’s highly possible I could crack the aluminium clutch or stator cover in the next months training for Erzberg Rodeo with it.

Installing the covers is a job you can do while holding a beer in your left hand and a torx in your right. They added new bolts with the correct lengths for mounting and as a big plus, there are stainless steel bolt inserts so you won’t be forcing the bolts into the plastic while torqueing them.  

Triple Clamp has already developed the Headstraight for the other Adventure models of KTM and worked out a new design for the 790 Adventure. Riders taking the bike out for some serious rides, and not all offroad, have figured out that the frame, on which the heavy headlight assembly is mounted, can break. Mounting the Headstraight will reinforce the headlight mount to reduce the pendulum affect and stress decreasing and almost annihilating the possibility to break the frame. Needless to say I wanted to try this out because during the Trans Tunisia I have had that the bolts of the headlight support came loose as well during my trip on the TET Spain and Portugal.


I mounted the Headstraight fairly easy, doesn’t need any removal of the fairing and even with all the extra cables of my USB-hub, LED-bar and navigation system, I had room enough to attach both sides of the Headstraight.

In the package there are a set of extra bolts, stainless dome spring washers and the two rust-proof stainless steel sides, all you need yourself is the right torx-tool. Demounting the four bolts is piece of cake, the first two that attach one side of the headlight assembly to the bike’s frame are not reused, you have to use the new ones from the package including the washers that help the bolts for not getting loose, then the two that attach the black steel headlight reinforcement tube to the frame at the front of the fuel tank. Careful, you need to reuse these bolts!
After that I placed the corresponding side of the Headstraight in the right position, manoeuvring it along my extra cables and the original ones. Then it’s just a matter of bolting it all together and doing the same at the other side. Don’t loosen up both sides right away to avoid damaging the plastics of the headlight.

I used some middle strength Loctite for the bolts so I won’t be having loose bolts again too. When the Headstraight was installed I checked if there was any friction with my cables and then I was good to go riding towards the Altes Elefanten treffen in Germany. Upon returning home, some 850 km later I checked everything again, no cables were worn out, no bolts loosened.

I’m curious towards the next months, I’ll keep you up to date!

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