These wonderful people and their companies support Jess and Hyperion.


Woody from WWW granted Hyperion a fine 21-inch front wheel, getting us everywhere in every terrain. Mud is no problem anymore !

Filtering water and nasty stuff from your fuel on a trip?
About how a simple message on Facebook to sponsor me and Hyperion lead to lifelong friends.
Two years ago I got a message from Guglatech about how he could help Hyperion and me. A week later a premium fuel filter fell into my mailbox and is still doing his duty up to date. We kept in touch and when I got selected for the Globetrotter bootcamp Gugli and his love Vero kindly took me into their home and supported me all the way, leading up to my selection for the final seven. During this period they have carefully upgraded their products with a love only a passionated person could do. Gugli and Vero even attended my wedding and granting Hyperion and Hidalgo new fuel filters for our oncoming world trip. They deserve all the attention a rising business could possible need. Check out the video, I know Hyperion’s mounted with the best fuel filters available. Maybe your bike deserves one too?

acquastop media rocks !!!!

e ancora una volta GUGLATECH RULEZZZZZ

Opslået af Guglatech på 14. juli 2017