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T.C.C. Part 1 – Hungary 2014

T.C.C. Part 1 – Hungary 2014

What are The Corona Chronicles?

Since we’re stuck at home, without an income and loads of time. Bart and I have been devoting most of our time into fabricating mouth masks for our home nurses and even some wards of hospitals doing the first encounters with patients. Help from Italy arrived from our sponsor Guglatech, providing us with fabric especially made for air filtration, that way we can now insert a replaceable filter inside the masks providing more protection for the users.

Besides that, after reading so many negativity, war mongering, conspiracy tales, fake news and utter panic, I decided I’m going to write some short stories about genuine feel-good moments we had during our travels. So for anyone in need of a smile, check out the links below.

The Corona Chronicles – Part 1 – Hungary 2014

For the first one, let me take you back to the year 2014. It was our first long term trip, six weeks in Europe with the goal of seeing the Bran Castle in Romania. You know, the Dracula thing and all… Looking back at the pictures, I can’t help but smile. We were both so much younger and eager to see the world. The latter characteristic we still have but the wrinkles have appeared meanwhile. Also the lack of pictures and the quality of those available is almost frustrating. Apparently we did make a huge improvement documenting our travels.

It’s a hot summer afternoon, I’m riding the KTM 690 Enduro R and Bart the BMW R1100GS, we’re taking the little roads, as always we have no pressure of getting somewhere. On an intersection in the middle of nowhere, there’s a sign pointing to the left of us with what seems to be a pictogram of someone swimming. We’re joking about it since we haven’t passed any rivers and on the map there isn’t really a lake near us. Being both huge fans of having a swim in the evening, we’re always on the lookout for water, so we mutually decide to go and have a look. Wherever the sign may bring us.

Following the little dusty road, we’re chattering in the intercom how this possibly cannot be true to find water at the end but in fact, we cross a man on a bicycle with a towel over his shoulder. We adjust our speed to decrease the dust being thrown up by our tires and then take over an elder lady, also having a towel with her. At this point we’re laughing our asses of because we think this is a great sign that we’re going to have a swim this evening.

After a decent amount of time -do they really have to walk that far?- we get to a small park and see people inside with Skoda cars, some tarps but no visible tents. Apparently we found natural hot springs! Someone took the advantage of the natural sources and made what seemed like a little rudimental waterpark around it. But we can’t find the entrance, nor have any idea if we’re welcome to stay over with a tent for the evening. Even after riding around the gates, we don’t understand Hungarian, it’s a puzzle for us how to get inside. Sooo, we make the best of it and go for a beer in the small restaurant that’s across the hot springs and ask for assistance.

I’ve got a little dictionary with me, and tent is sátor in Hungarian. While sipping our beer we point out to the place we want to go and make the unmistakable sign for tent adding sátor. The bartender is absolutely doing the best he can to understand what we’re trying to say, the wrinkles in his forehead were not thanking us that moment, and calls some of his mates to aid him in this quest to help these funny strangers. So we repeat again our poor attempt of trying to ask how we can get in and if we can put up a tent there for the night. One of the new guys has seen the light and urges us to finish the beer. He takes us and the bikes to the little port that we missed and the sweet lady inside even speaks a little English. Offcourse we are welcome to stay over for the night with a tent, in the back of the area there are others as well. She translates the story -or so we thought- to the gang that followed us from the bar and everyone has a good laugh, wishes us well and wave.

We get inside and go straight for the hot springs! For me it was quite a unique experience swimming in almost 40°C water, in the open air in a pool the size of my house. After a bit of relaxing, we decide to put up the tent before going back in the water. And here it comes, the feel good of this story, we get back to the bikes and see the whole gang of the bar, now including two cars and their wives and kids, holding up…. A tent! They went two villages further to fetch us a tent! A cousin of a cousin of a wife or so had a tent these two nitwits of strangers could use. Alas, that was what they asked right? How can we get in and how can we get a tent? Bart and I are just staring blank at each other, feeling embarrassed as shit… with a little trembling we pull out our tent, not knowing how they will react but as soon as they realize we have our own tent, they slap themselves to the forehead and laugh vigorously. These people, complete random strangers, out of free will, went all out to help two bikers in need. In the evening we went back to the bar for some drinks and dinner, we were welcomed like old friends. Needless to say we left a giant tip for the kids.

I’ve got dozens of these stories, but I’m curious to what country has your next interest? Either it’s going to be Tokyo, Japan or IZI-meeting, Poland. Leave a message below!     

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